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Case Studies - Guitar Guitar Limited

Guitar Guitar Limited required their Edinburgh shop fitted out with several PC's, broadband connectivity, a file/print server and a way to access their mail accounts both in the shop and at home. Additionally they wanted the ability to connect securely to additional shops situated in Glasgow and Newcastle.

The Penguin Factory firstly provided a fast, stable Linux based server in their Edinburgh shop. This provides file sharing to the shop workstations and controlled the centralised printer using the Samba file sharing application. Additionally, it retrieves mail for staff and provides a calendaring/scheduling service. In all three shops The Penguin Factory installed firewall devices to protect the internal network from the outside, while allowing the shops to be linked together by a Virtual Private Network. To provide safe and restricted access of the Internet an additional workstation with a desktop Linux distribution was installed in the shop till area. Finally the

Penguin Factory cabled up each of the shop areas with network points and advised on all hardware purchases to ensure best value for money.

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