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Privacy Policy

What information is collected about you ?

This site saves a log file detailing web pages browsed, sometimes the site you visited previous to this one, your client IP address, browser type, browser version and computer platform.

How is the collected infomation used ?

Personal information is only used by Penguin Factory Limited to correspond with you and to identify you for access to our services.
We reserve the right to contact you with notices relating to emergency situations.
Your browsing habits and information are only used for the private statistics of this site.
Our policy is not to pass on your details to third parties without your express consent.

How secure are your personal details ?

Every reasonable measure has been taken to make your data secure.

We do NOT use cookies as a method of remembering visitors between visits.
We do use cookies to store temporary server information throughout the duration of each visit.
This temporary information and cookie is destroyed when you close your browser.

Our servers also have various security counter measures in place to deal with any un-authorised access attempts.

Where can I get further information ?

If you have any questions or would like to make a point, please contact us using any of the methods listed on the contact page.

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