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Having tackled a wide variety of projects, The Penguin Factory™ have the skill and the extensive knowledge to take control and solve your IT problems.

Our friendly no-nonsense attitude is backed up by a fast response time that means you will never be waiting at the end of a call centre phone queue. If you opt for our advanced system monitoring, we'll usually be dealing with the problem before you call.


Ad-hoc / Rapid Technical Support

Often, a technical issue will crop up that needs an answer straight away, whether it be a system failure or a new situation needing a solution.

We offer a standard set fee for remote and call out support with an estimation of costs before work is undertaken so you can decide how to escalate the required work.

For remote support we will undertake to start work on the issue within four hours of receiving your call.

Past examples of such support have included disaster recovery situations, Internet mail and domain name transfer issues, external security audits, and lost file recovery.

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Open Source Integration / Migration Consultancy

Having used Open Source products in our solutions for several years, The Penguin Factory™ is well versed in all aspects of migrating office systems from proprietary systems to open source equivalents.

From Office suites, to telephony integration, you will find Open Source products that work well and perform reliably. We will offer you advice on how best you can use this enormous wealth of programming to your best advantage.

Existing Windows and Macintosh platforms are well supported and can usually be configured to support Open Source applications.

Examples of previous work in this field include migrating from Microsoft Office® to OpenOffice, migrating Windows NT® to Samba, and converting proprietary databases to MySQL®.

Ongoing System Maintenance

Where a guaranteed amount of monthly support is required, we suggest clients move on to a ongoing system maintenance structure. This means that the customer will receive priority support and will be provided with regular remote maintenance checks and technical administration.

Along with this service, we provide integrated remote monitoring and future issue warning systems. By doing this, The Penguin Factory™ can spot potential problems before they actually occur, saving downtime and loss of trading.

The type of support and number of hours that we provide is completely up to the individual client, but starts from a simple one hour a month system check. If your company lacks the in-house skills for day to day administration, a deeper support package can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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