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We supply fully bespoke servers based around a number of core configurations in either tower based or 19 inch rack mountable cases.

As these machines are often so vital to business continuity, we can provide additional features to ensure high availability and long uptime with hot swap multi-disk arrays, backup electrical power systems, secondary backup servers, data archival systems and off-site backup solutions.

Our hardware based firewall solutions are designed for reliability and as such have no mechanical moving parts.


Hardware Firewall / VPN Solutions

As more companies are finding access to the Internet an essential requirement of their daily working life, securing against the threat of unauthorised access or malicious attack becomes ever more important.

We provide customised Linux solutions based on trusted firewall technology to ensure your company is safe from both external penetration and unauthorised outbound network traffic.

In addition we can provide a number of remote access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to allow secure access from other remote geographical sites.

Firewall VPN picture

Core Infrastructure Servers

Our robust base installation Linux server can be complemented with any, or all, of the following add-on features;

Email / Antivirus / Antispam

Using Internet standards based email applications, we can provide your business with a fast yet powerful range of emailing solutions. Our mail servers can be configured to automatically scan and block viruses and unsolicited mail (spam) before the email reaches your inbox. This vastly decreases the security implications of Internet email.

Departmental File and Print Servers

A key resource to any office is usually the main file and print server. This acts as a store for all the day to day files that are used within a company.
We can provide solutions to integrate completely with your network, be it Windows®, Macintosh® or UNIX® based networks (or a mix of all three). Where Windows is used primarily, we can provide 'Domain Control' to standardise features over all your desktop machines.

Internet / Intranet Hosting Servers

Whether you require a co-located web server on the Internet or an internal 'Intranet' server, we can help you deploy a fast and reliable Web server using the most popular web technologies.

Additional Products

Although the solutions listed above are the most requested solutions, we are able to provide a completely bespoke solutions, customised to your specific needs.
Other services we can provide include;

• High Availability Clustered Database Servers ( eg Oracle® or MySQL® )
• Departmental Fax Servers
• Archival DVD and Backup Servers
• Scanner Sharing services
• Internet Telephone services - Voice over IP PBX

Linux Desktop picture

Linux Desktops / Virtual Desktops

Over the last couple of years, Linux distributions have been making huge advances in their Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) such that 'Linux on the Desktop' is now a reality for business use.

We have the expertise to deploy networks of Linux workstations and assist in the migration from your previous operating system.

For the ultimate in portability and security the Penguin Factory have developed a Virtual Desktop Connector (VDC). This is a Virtual machine that can run on any modern Windows or Linux System, pre-configured to connect directly onto your secure network without allowing the host Pc to any internal resources. The optional VDC Gateway enhances this security by providing Two Factor authentication and auditing. Read more about this product here

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