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What is Linux and why do we use it ?

Linux® is a free UNIX® based computer operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. You may have heard of UNIX® before in the context of mainframe computers. Needless to say a lot has changed since then.

We have chosen the Linux® platform as a basis for our solutions as it provides a number of key features vital to a small business requirement.

Linux® is;

Free from licensing costs
Because all the solutions we provide are based on Open Source Software, there is no costs incurred in buying software; you simply pay for the configuration time.

Highly scalable
Linux features a very open architecture that allows it to be installed on a wide variety of hardware platforms from embedded devices, through standard Intel and AMD based platforms to the latest multiprocessor 64 bit systems.This allows it to be completely tailored to the demands of the system rather than a particular software vendors requirement.

Based on the UNIX® operating system, Linux® provides a very solid platform for applications virtually free of program crashes or software resource conflicts.
Server uptime is usually measured in years and months unlike 'other' Operating Systems.

Linux systems are geared towards providing solutions based on a set of tools that communicate via open standards rather than a single application that handles everything.
This means that as different demands are placed on the system, such as adding email capability or Windows file access, the same standard tools can usually be implemented to provide data consistency and minimise upgrade problems.

Very Secure
Unlike some operating systems, Linux® provides a very comprehensive security model from the ground up. Users are only given the permissions necessary to perform the required tasks. Programs are, by default, not able to execute code out with their permissions. This means that the threat from virus or worm attacks are vastly reduced. Secondly the source code for the software is freely available.
This allows a large community of developers to inspect it for any potential flaws or security breaches. When problems are found, it is highly likely that the code is corrected far faster than commercial rivals due to the community working together.

For more technical information on the Linux® operating system please visit the Linux® kernel website.

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